Hoi An night – a sparkling beauty

Hoi An is one of the UNESCO world cultural heritages in Quang Nam province. Owning lots of 16th-century architecture, cultural activities and entertainments, Hoi An is very attractive to visitors, especially in the evening.

Visitors at Japanese Bridge.

The ancient quarter in Hoi An has been well-protected. It includes 1068 houses, 5 club-houses, 23 communal houses, 19 pagodas, 43 temples, 11 wells, 1 bridge, 38 familial temples, 44 tombs, markets, harbors and streets. The whole number of the relics is over 1100. Among them, Japanese Bridge- the symbol of Hoi An is the most impressive.

Besides its various architectural styles, Hoi An is owning an enormous cultural treasure of the local lifestyle, customs, religious activities, folk arts, cultural festivals, craft villages and cuisines. Therefore, it is more and more attractive to visitors.

Visitors on the banks of the Hoai river which flows through the ancient quarter of Hoi An city

As one of 25 world best culinary sites voted by the TripAdvisor, Hoi An is characterized by Quang Noodles and Cao Lau (the dishes of Asian cuisine), and Hoi An market- a culinary heaven.

In addition, Hoi An is extremely charming at night.

Visitors on the Hoai river.

Hoi An streets in the late afternoon.

Foreign visitors are always excited at Hoi An.

Hoi An ancient quarter is sparkling at night.

Visitors like enjoying Hoi An night with colourful lanterns on pedicabs.

Visitors also like contemplating Hoi An night by boat.

Quan Thang ancient house, one of the must-see destinations in Hoi An, is over 150 years old.

Hoi An’s beauty at night.