Impressive Hoi An Museum

With the theme of Museums for equality: Diversity and Inclusion, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) wishes to encourage museums to work for future sustainable development.

Visitors to Hoi An Museum of History and Culture

Diverse activities

In the Covid-19 outbreak, ICOM has helped museums around the world display and introduce their collections via the mass media. So, Hoi An Museum has made every effort to present its collections on Facebook and its own website.

In the time to come, a collection of traditional boats will be displayed at the Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture (at 33, Nguyen Thai Hoc Street).

In June 2020, visitors to Hoi An will have chances to take part in some activities such as making poonah-paper, preparing tea and making snow-flaked cakes held at the Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture by the Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation.

Making pottery items and drawing on them will take place at the Museum of Trading Ceramics (80- Tran Phu Street), feeling the pulse and soaking feet with herbs at the Hoi An Museum of Traditional Medicine (46 - Nguyen Thai Hoc Street).

Hopefully, these activities contribute to Hoi An attraction to tourists and visitors to this city at this time will have interesting experiences in Hoi An.

Increasing interaction

Sa Huynh Culture Museum

In Hoi An, museums and tourism have gone hand in hand for long. Several thematic museums were established in Hoi An in the early 1990s and have become the official sightseeing route in the ancient quarter since then.

The thematic museums in Hoi An include the Museum of History and Culture, Museum of the Revolution, Sa Huynh Culture Museum, Museum of Folk Culture, Museum of Trading Ceramics and Museum of Traditional Medicine.

Artifacts in these museums play an important role in the establishment of the Hoi An museums system, contributing to the development of local tourism.