South Korean cultural days in Quang Nam

The opening ceremony of the South Korean Cultural Days in Quang Nam 2019 has just been taken place in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province). The event received the support from the South Korean Office of Tourism Organization in Vietnam, Korea Creative Content Agency and Avan Beauty Company from South Korea.

An artistic item at the event

There were a lot of artistic acts performed by Vietnamese artists from the Hoi An Centre for Culture, Information and Communications and South Korean bands and singers such as B-boy M.B. Crew, J. Morning and Jinju.

Earlier, some special and interesting activities came from both Vietnamese and South Korean cultures including folk music performances, traditional costume show or lottery were held in An Hoi Sculpture Garden and Hoi An ancient quarter.

It is the third time the event “South Korean Cultural Days in Quang Nam” has been held in Hoi An. It helps to foster the relations between South Korea and Vietnam, Hoi An city, and Quang Nam province. The event also shows that Hoi An is a place of cultural connection and international integration.

One of the artistic items at the event

The Vietnam- South Korea relations have been better and better since 1992. There are more and more South Korean visitors to Quang Nam. The number ranked fifth of the international visitors to this province. Quang Nam has cooperated with three South Korean cities: Osan, Yongin and Gwangyang.