Sua flower blossom festival

Tam Ky City organises Sua Flower Blossom Festival 2019 from 2nd to 4th April at Huong Tra village, Hoa Huong commnune. The view of charming streets in Tam Ky city decorated with Sua flower makes it more romantic and charming.

Coming Tam Ky during the dates, tourists have a chance to explore the most charming place such as Huong Tra 500 year-old village, realistic river and the stunning beauty of Sua flowers in bloom. The festival includes activities: food for attendee’s experience, the alignment of craft with performance and gameshow of Xiangxi chess, Bai Choi game and boating etc.

The event aimed to promote the local tourism product as a an interesting place for tourists in the Southern of Quang Nam province.

Photos: Quoc Huy