Tourists return to UNESCO-recognised Hoi An after social distancing ends

VOV.VN - Visitors have been permitted to gradually return to Hoi An, a UNESCO-recognied World Heritage Site, following the lifting of social distancing measures due to COVID-19 epidemic, signaling a positive outlook for the local tourism industry.

Daily activities in the central province of Quang Nam return to a “new normal” from September 6 after the easing of social distancing measures. The province is striving to fulfill the dual goals of effectively combating the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst simultaneously maintaining socio-economic development

Tourists are now able to head back to the ancient town of Hoi An as the social distancing period has been relaxed

Despite the relaxation of social distancing rules, the number of tourists to the ancient town remains limited

Visitors express their hope that the area’s attractions will soon return to life, especially the town’s lantern streets which are widely considered to be a unique feature of Hoi An

A long row of ancient houses, restaurants, and shops in the Old Quarter of Hoi An have yet to reopen due to the negative economic impact of the epidemic

After a month-long hiatus, some beverage, coffee, and souvenir shops have managed to reopen doors to welcome visitors

According to many business owners, Hoi An’s tourism sector has been in the doldrums following the resurgence of the virus, with many establishments being forced to suspend their operations

Residents hope that visitor numbers will increase in the near future, as boat rowing services on the Hoai river and the town’s food stalls are set to return imminently

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