Ma Chau Weaving Village

It was founded in 15th century and located closely to Tra Kieu, Ma Chau village only wove silk and supplied for aristocrats, mandarin classes in the court. The stages of growing silkworms, breeding, unraveling silkworm cocoons and weaving were made by hundreds of householders in village following to craft methods.
When the government in the south of Viet Nam opened the gate to exchange trade to the world through Hoi An port so Ma Chau silk was the most exported goods. At the end of 19th century, when the French arrived in Viet Nam and herein, there was more floriculture and weaving occupations but silk was the main product to be used. In this period, means of production in village was remarkably improved from using wooden looms to half-machine, then reaching automation now.

Today, Ma Chau weaving village has specific characteristics in rural villages of Viet Nam with many green tree gardens, tea and areca palm hedges... Especially, the hospitality of native people will make tourists satisfied when arriving here.

Its location is in Chau Hiep hamlet - Nam Phuoc town, 03 km far from center of Duy Xuyen district to the East, and on the way to My Son Sanctuary.

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