Dong Phu Cassava Noddle


Cassava noodle is in the Top 50 famous specialities of Vietnam, a rustic dish of the countryside of Quang Nam. Cassava noodle is made from cassava flour and is processed into many types of noodles with different flavors such as cassava noodle soup with snakehead fish, eel, scad, etc. Cassava noodle is also mixed with pupae and inner core of banana tree which gives the rich but rustic tasting. The chewy, fleshy taste of cassava noodle; sweetness of fish; the crunchiness of the young banana tree mixed with basil, cinnamon, and cilantro; the spicy taste of green chili and the fat taste of peanuts, etc., all make up the characteristics and good flavor of the noodle.
It is easy to prepare the cassava noodle, so you visitors can buy dry noodle to cook as your preferences. Dong Phu Cassava Noodle is recognized as a 3-star OCOP product.