Hoi An at night in the public holidays


Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) is always crowded with visitors including foreigners in the public holidays. This ancient town is very attractive at night.

Hoi An at night via flycam

Visitors along the banks of Hoai river

On the bridge over the Hoai river

Visitors are on the boat in the Hoai river.

Hoai river

Visitors take photos of Hoi An ancient town at night

Vistors on the boat to explore Hoi An at night

Visitors feel pleased with Hoi An colourful lanterns.

Restaurants are crowded with visitors.

Contemplating the ancient town from above

A female tourist is bewildered by the beauty of the old town at night.

Visitors taking part in Bai Choi game

Visitors experience hitting the hanging clay pots – a local folk game

Foreign visitors enjoy the art of calligraphy in the old town.

Taking photos at a lantern shop

Visitors from India want to buy lanterns for souvenir gifts

Enjoying local specialties

Street music

Walking around the city at night.