Tour of discovering Cham Island – the fascinating one



Taking a boat to the Cham Islands, visitors can stop by at Lao Islet, Dai Islet, Chong Islet, Tai Islet, Kho Me Islet and others to discover the intriguing and beautiful mix of biodiversity and cultural heritage that are the Cham Islands. From rural lifestyle of the local fishermen, to the fascinating beauty of legendary places such as Huong Valley, Lang Valley, Chong Valley, Ba Cave, Au Thuyen, and Hai Tang pagodas, visitors can enjoy the these cultural and natural wonders before venturing off for some summer play. Surrounded by the blue waves of the East Sea, these islands offer the chance to sunbathe on silky sands, Jetski, parasail, water-ski, kayak.. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also available, and the underwater caves and reefs contain hundreds of species of tropical fishes, coral reefs, and other marine life that populate this biodiversity zone.

In addition, visitors can go to Yen Island, go fishing, or participate in camp-fire activities that include many traditional games.Of course, there is also the opportunity to enjoy bountiful seafood of the Cham Islands, including shrimp, fish, cuttle-fish, land crab, limpets and natural vegetables. Tourists can choose a one-day trip or spend the night at a homestay, bungalow or in a tent. From Cua Dai pier, Hoi An, it takes about 25 minutes by speed boat or two hours by wooden boat to arrive at the Islands.


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