Vuon Xua

Trung Hạ, Xã Quế Trung, Huyện Nông Sơn, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


The old garden shop is located in Trung Ha village, Que Trung commune, Nong Son district, hidden in a residential area but located in the center of the district, still has access by car.
The shop is designed in the style of a tree-lined garden house, designed by the owner in a harmonious and beautiful space. The garden house has planned the space of individual shops in clusters, many sizes to be flexible for the choice of customers.
The food menu here is based on local produce, the opening season, and the price is affordable. The main thing is garden chicken which is processed into many dishes; local seafood such as river shrimp, barracuda, climbing fish, eel, trout, kill fish...
The garden house also accepts special parties and rice in large quantities.

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