Thôn Mỹ An, xã Đại Quang, huyện Đại Lộc, tỉnh Quảng Nam, Việt Nam Xã Đại Quang, Huyện Đại Lộc, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Poetry springs village located in My An, Dai Quang, located along National Highway 14B; Ai Nghia town about 8km. This is one of the beautiful streams, suitable for ecotourism operators of Dai Loc district.

Poetry springs formerly also known as Ho Ba Thai. Nestled in the sequence Son Chicken, Spring Poetry brought the wild beauty of the mountains. Along the banks of streams are big rocks is interspersed between trees, create a romantic scene, lyrical as the name that tourists gave suoi- Spring Poetry line. At the center of the stream is the highest waterfall of 3 to 5 meters. Waterfall flowing vertical threaded through large boulders crowded small puddle forming ravishing bath. Each line of white foam water, chasing each other constantly on the rocks create separate sound of the mountains.

Perhaps peculiarities, attractiveness of Spring Poetry is not only crystal-clear lakes, clouds prints, but also the huge boulders, flat located along the banks of streams and springs upstream. Under each large rock tens small stone lying surrounded. It seems the Creator had arranged this scene to Spring Poetry brings its own beauty, different Suoi Mo, Khe Lim. The first feeling when it comes to Spring Poetry that is the peace, is protection. Here, visitors are immersed in the natural scenery majestic, pristine, throw away the anxiety, noise of everyday life, comfortable rest, relax on the large stones, flat inhalation breathe the fresh air of the mountains. In summer, the Spring Poetry is ecotourism sites are numerous people in the area to find.

Not only the value of tourism, Spring Poetry is a place to provide clean water to some villages in Dai Quang. Thai Ba mountain spring water with a hole of about 200 m2 area. This is because many water sources have been small stream flowing from the cave together. Take advantage of this water, the 80s of last century, research experience in hydropower Song Together, staff and members Cooperative Agricultural University View 3 has self-reliance invest money ply construction and night, mainly by people, but for the month 3-1984 Thai power from pit She was glowing with hydro Duy Son 2 (Duy Xuyen). Hydropower stations Dai Quang 3 has a capacity of 360 kilowatts will not only provide electricity, electricity production industries handicrafts but also contribute to solving water stability for the entire open fields than 177 hectares of local attacks.

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(Electricity for lighting the Van Thien Nguyen, poetic)

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