Khe Lim

Đại Hồng Xã Đại Hồng, Huyện Đại Lộc, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Khe Lim is located in Phuoc Lam village, Dai Hong commune, Dai Loc district, about 20km from Ai Nghia town to the southwest, about 2km from National Highway 14B.

The name Khe Lim originates from the creek flowing through many areas with many ironwood trees.

From above, the rushing water poured down chasing each other through the large round rocks flowing downstream, on the way the water eroded the cliffs to create caves of many designs. The uniqueness of Khe Lim is its pristine but also mysterious appearance. This place not only has majestic waterfalls or wild beauty of the mountains but also associated with mysterious stories about the hermit Tung Son. Khe Lim is also a destination full of wildness and charm with dense forest canopy covering both sides of the stream, luxuriant trees with precious woods such as iron, agarwood, red chestnut..., many places do not see the light. Sun. There are many rare and precious animals living here such as wild boar, partridge, porcupine, flying gecko... In the summer, Khe Lim gently leans gracefully by the clear streams of water crept from large rocks. Small mountains on the top of the mountain gurgled down to create clear blue lakes. In winter, visitors coming here will enjoy the ecstatic beauty of the waterfalls that are throwing white dust.

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