Traditional Art Performances

Watching Water Puppetry Performances

Being the unique art type of folk singing and performing, water puppetry is considered to characterize ancient water rice civilization of Vietnamese people. Even though puppetry appears in many countries, only Vietnam owns water puppetry art. In Hoi An, attending water puppetry performances with various repertoires that are elaborately staged, carefully prepared scripts, built-on-water temples, puppets and audiovisual systems, and beautifully performed by professional artists, visitors will totally immerse in artistic space imbued with cultural values of Vietnam in general and Quang Nam in particular.

Add: 548 Hai Ba Trung st., Hoi An city
Tel: +84.235.3861327

- Adults: 80.000 VND
- Chidren: 40.000 VND
Time: 6:30pm every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

The House of Traditional Art Performances

The House of Traditional Art Performances is called as an ideal place that brings great enjoyment to a large number of national and international visitors. These traditional art activities considerably contribute to preserve local cultural values. Numerous exciting programs and repertoires such as singing Bai Choi, Quang Nam folk songs, Middle of Vietnam Central Region folk songs, especially, international folk songs of twelve countries that established diplomatic relations with Hoi An a long time ago. Being precious cultural asset, traditional arts are performed to encourage tourism of Hoi An and exchange culture in many countries and territories such as Hong Kong, Thailand and Italia.

Add: 66 Bach Dang st., Hoi An city
Tel: +84.235.3861159

- Adults: 80.000 VND
- Chidren: 40.000 VND
Time: 6:30pm every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

My Son Management Board of Relics and Tourism.

Arriving My Son Sanctuary, visitors have an ideal opportunity not only to admire ancient temples but also to enjoy traditional Cham dances that are extremely graceful, charming and mystery. These intangible cultural activities are recreated from Siva dances, Apsara dances, handheld fan dances to wear-pitcher-on-head dances in theme of Cham festival excerpts, Palace dances, and religious dances. Each dance style contains characteristic beauty and creates shimmering magical Cham cultural space.

My Son Management Board of Relics and Tourism.
Tel: +84.235.3731309
Email: Website:

Ticket price
Foreigner: 150.000 VND/person
Under 15-year old kid: free
Fee for tour guide: 100.000VND

Music performance (Every day)
– Show 1: 09h15
– Show 2: 10h00
– Show 3: 10h45
– Show 4: 14h00
– Show 5: 14h30
– Show 6: 15h00

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