Ba Luan Chicken Rice   

141 Đường Trưng Nữ Vương, Phường An Mỹ, Thành phố Tam Kỳ, Tỉnh Quảng Nam - 0976.707707

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Common Information


Brand "Ba Luan Chicken Rice" currently has 2 shops in Tam Ky city. The restaurant is an indispensable stop in every tourist's journey, even though there are many chicken rice restaurants in Tam Ky city.

The taste of chicken rice is very salty and spicy. In order to keep the original flavor from those generations, when cooking for diners, the owner must always know how to choose the best ingredients. First, you have to choose a new type of rice, fragrant, delicious, and flexible. Rice is carefully selected, marinated with spices, so the flavor is rich and cooked with chicken broth, when finished, the rice grains are shiny, more delicious than other types of rice. Chicken selection is also very important, must choose the type of chicken but still silk, the type of chicken in the garden often has to struggle to find food, so the meat is firm but soft, the skin is thin and delicious.

Basic information

Open Time: 08:00

Close Time: 23:59


Average Price / People: đ

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