Phuong Huong An Noodle

Thị trấn Hương An, Xã Hương An, Huyện Quế Sơn, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Vermicelli is a very popular dish in many different provinces, including Quang Nam. Coming here, you can also see many places to enjoy many types of vermicelli with many similar flavors. However, the most attractive and delicious is Bun Phuong Huong An.

Bun Phuong restaurant near Huong An bridge, Huong An town, Que Son district. The shop is famous for its heirloom recipe and is one of the top dining addresses for all diners when passing through Que Son district. The most special thing at this restaurant is that the vermicelli will be cooked with its own heirloom secret, when eaten it is very rich, delicious and has a characteristic aroma.

Each bowl of vermicelli here when served is full, hot with chewy vermicelli, soft meat must use fresh and fragrant water. When eating, diners will add some delicious raw vegetables, a little red onion, chili to eat the dish and make it more attractive.

The restaurant has a team of professional staff, attentive service style, friendly, enthusiastic and experienced. With the motto "Customer satisfaction is the key to Success", Bun Phuong Huong An is committed to making constant efforts to meet all customers' needs.

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