Mr. Nam's garden house

Thôn Đại Bình, Xã Quế Trung, Huyện Nông Sơn, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Ong Nam garden is located on the main road, belonging to group 01, Dai Binh village, Que Trung commune. The garden is about 1500m2 wide, surrounding the house is planted with many kinds of fruit trees such as: plum trees, oranges, tangerines... shady all day, making the air fresh and pleasant.
Visitors here can rest in a hut about 100m2 built by a garden house with very friendly and cool leaves. In addition, in the garden area, the garden house also designed a natural vines dome house of about 80m2 to expand the resting space for visitors.
On the other side of the main road, the family also has a garden of about 3000 m2, which is meticulously planned, planted with many kinds of fruit trees from native trees to new varieties of seedlings for high yield and quality.
Besides resting, visiting and enjoying at the garden, you can buy and choose to sing fruits to bring back as gifts for your loved ones.
The garden house serves food and refreshments for visitors with a fairly diverse menu. Cuisine with grilled, boiled, steamed onions, and roty dishes is made from local specialties of free-range chicken. The aquatic products are caught from local rivers and lakes, combined with traditional ingredients such as jackfruit, pomelo, bamboo shoots, etc. to create rich folk cuisine. Some seasonal dishes showing bee pupae, silkworms, crickets, worms, etc. are also natural ingredients to satisfy visitors.
In particular, the gardener also serves refreshments with homemade dishes from fresh fruits in the garden such as fresh lemonade, salted lemon, squeezed orange, passion fruit tea, artichoke bean tea...

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