Bep Do Restaurant

06 Phan Thành Tài Phường An Mỹ, Thành phố Tam Kỳ, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


“Bếp Đỏ hành trình tìm lại mong ước kỷ niệm xưa”. Please introduce myself, my name is Red. I was born and raised in a small Cui village located on the land of Tam Ky - Quang Nam. The name Red Kitchen is the journey that I want to rediscover old memories. With a desire that the Red Kitchen is always as red as the enthusiasm in my body. This is the heart of the name Red and the place where I was born in the small Cui village. Each dish at Red Kitchen will be suitable for each customer's own story and help customers find meaning and feelings that were lost. Red Kitchen was born based on my passion for old memories in particular but also the art and passion and love of hearts that help in the journey of creating Red Kitchen in general. We hope that the birth of Red Kitchen will have a great influence on the hearts of thousands of people who enjoy it.

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