Quan Huong Restaurant

Khu dân cư số 5, đường Trường Chinh, Thị trấn Đông Phú, Huyện Quế Sơn, Tỉnh Quảng Nam
0911 384 408


Que Huong restaurant specializes in serving fresh seafood dishes to customers. The menu has special dishes such as mallard duck (grilled, grilled, cooked with chao), grilled fish with turmeric, grilled lentils, squid (steamed, grilled, fried with fish sauce ..), chicken (steamed with onions, grilled golden, deep fried. fish sauce ..), year fish (grilled, cooked laksa leaves), .. seafood dishes, hot pot, hot pot ..

The best quality, cheap, and delicious raw seafood is deliciously processed with the goal of making customers happy when enjoying the food. With unique dishes and each dish has its own taste, it attracts a lot of guests. From ancient dishes to modern dishes, all bring delicious flavors to entice diners.

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