Vinahouse Space

To the Museum of the Vietnam space, visitors can admire the collection include: the architecture of the three regions, the details of old houses, farming tools and antique furniture. First, the space museum houses antique collectibles and three regions are successfully restored, layout facilitate visitors reach Vinahouse Space. This is also the main space to make up the highlights of Vietnam for space. Uniqueness, creativity is also reflected in the division of the display area according to the location of each region, each carries its own unique architecture, the museum creates space diversity in unity.

Old house over 200 years old have higher listing is a three quarter-time low of Quang Nam is the only house in Quang Nam has the largest size and the most columns with 108 ones. According to survey results, assessed in 2001, the architecture here is considered the largest traditional houses in Quang Nam. Besides large-scale, home also has the distinction of wood sculpture elaborately meticulous with stylized motifs subtly. Guests will have the opportunity to explore and study the ancient architecture massive, with rare poisonous technical virtuosity buildings and wood sculpture reached a climax of the skillful craftsmen more than two hundred year ago.

06:00 - 22:00

Ticket: 99,000 VND/person

Group: 10 people, ticket cost 79,000vnd/person

Children: under 1.3m free.

Vinahouse Space
Add: 950 km of national highway 1A, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province
Tel: (+84.235) 3717888 / 3717999. Hotline: +84.903858777