Must-eats  in Hoi An

Besides Hoi An is a place to take travel selfies, it is a paradise taste for a distinctive flavour.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi is so good that it is well-known all over the world and selected as one of the best street food for tourists coming Hoi An. The thing that makes the Banh Mi Hoi An to be unique and different to all other erea is its special sauces.  The sandwich is not to be missed for touirts during days in Hoi An and love ever after

Sweet corn soup

Sweet corn soup, a simple and healthy handmade  soup offers a unique experience to tourists here Hoi An. This sweetened porridge soup is flavored with special sweet-smelling and packed with nutrition because it is made from famous Cam Nam corns in Hoi An. The sweetness and light taste of this food keep you cool in hot weather.

Banh Beo cake or water fern cake

The street vendors with Banh Beo cakes have become familiar to Hoianians and tourists in the early morning. Banh beo Hoi An has rice cake and stuffing. Banh beo is often served in a small bowl with a wet topping made from pork and shrimp ground and some fish sauce.

Cao Lau

 Accoding to the lyrics of idiom by generations in Quang Nam, it is said that “whoever come to Hoi, visit Phuc Kien Assembly Hall  then enjoy the taste of Cao Lau”. Like My Quang, but Cao Lau seem different from the flavour. It is served with very little soup. You can find a different taste of soup in each shop to serve.

Banh Bao Banh Vac or  White Rose Dumpling

Not only well-known Cao Lau and Banh Beo, Hoi An has one more famous dish named Banh bao Banh Vac cakes. There are two different cakes with names but they are made from the same ingredients and making progress. Their flavor is delicious and strange when all are served in one dish.

Com Ga or Chicken Rice

Com Ga is the best eating expierience whenever you come to Hoi An. You are amazed that most of Com Ga shops are located close together and always crowded on Phan Chau Trinh Street, Hoi An City. Each shop adds amazing flavors, owns cooking progress and serves chicken rice with different fish sauce.

Baby Clams with Rice Cracker and Banh Dap  or smash rice paper

Baby Clams with Rice Cracker is made from dried baby clams with spices and vegetable, while Banh dap include two pieces of crispy rice paper and wet rice paper dipped into fish sauce s. As crary as the name sounds, it is a quiet delicious dish help you help you a little exercite while eating

Wonton Hoi An

Hoi An Wonton is one of local specialties you should enjoy when coming here. Wonton is made with rice flour  and dump filled ingredientssuch s shrimp, pork, egg and spices… You can serve kinds of wonton dishes: fried wonton, wonton soup or wonton and noodle soup.  Any flavor of Hoi An Wonton is nice if you have a special request.


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