Xi-ma, a new tourist destination in Hoi An

Xi-ma (or chi-ma, meaning black sesame) is a unique traditional food in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. The only place to cook this kind of food is at 45/17 Tran Hung Dao street. It is turned to a tourist destination and will start to open to visitors on June 19.

As a tourism product, xi-ma cooking will be better preserved, help enrich the intangible cultural products in the ancient quarter of Hoi An, and promote the values of a traditional familial occupation.

Xi-ma is not only a traditional food but also a traditional craft dating from around the 17th -19th centuries when Hoi An was a well-known international trading port. It was brought to Hoi An by the Chinese and has become a specialty of this city since then. Xi-ma with its unique flavour is very attractive to visitors to Hoi An.

Ingredients used to make xi-ma are black sesame, flour of kudzu, sweet potatoes, skunk-vine, centella and some others. Xi-ma is regarded as a delicious healthy food with high nutritional values.

Visiting this place, visitors have chance to see the ancient well Ba Le, an original tangible cultural feature in Hoi An.



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