Quang noodle

My Quang is the well-known dish of the land Quang Nam that is made from rice. Quang noodle having a unique of rich taste, you can use pork, chicken, fish, crab or shrimp, beef or snakefish to make the broth … even things to make broth for vegeterians. A bowl of Quang soft noodle is normally served with pieces of banh trang (also called - baked rice paper), green chili, lemon, crushed peanut and a variety of herbs such as water morning-glory, cress, young banana flowers and herbs.
Quang noodle has been given the “award of Asia Cuisine” by Asia Record Organization.

In Dien Ban town
The vendor Nguyen Thi Hoa, Triem Tay village, Dien Ban

In Hoi An city
My Quang Mrs Hat: Bach Dang ferry dock, Hoi An
Mr Hai: 6A Truong Minh Luong St.,
Madam Minh: Hung Vuong St., Cam Ha commune

Highway 1A: from Que Son to Thang Binh district
My Quang 92
Dat Quang
My Quang 37
Binh Nguyen
Giao Thuy

In Tam Ky city

Mỳ Giao Thủy: 111 Tran Quy Cap/ 99 Ton Duc Thang, Tam Ky
Tu Chau: Ky Ly crossroad
Phu My: 27 Tran Quy Cap St.,

Nui Thanh district
Cay Tram: Nui Thanh district

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