The Global Biosphere Reserve Cham Islands – Hoi An

Located in the end of Thu Bon river, Cham Islands - Hoi An World Biosphere Reserve focuses onecological diversity and unique relationship with the estuary and shore region. It shows the distinct evidence about the perfect harmony between people and nature.

The Cham Islands - Hoi An Biosphere Reserve area has a total area of nearly 33,475 hectaresdivided into 3 functional areas:

Core area - The Cham Islands Marine Protected Area with area of 11,560 hectares is the place where mainly implements conservation function of the World Biosphere Reserve of Cham Islands - Hoi An through operations of the Cham Islands MPA and special-use forest conservation force. The Cham Islands MPA significantly contributes to conserve biodiversity, support development, improve livelihoods for the fishermen communities, and raise community’s awareness in environmental protection and natural resource values at the Cham Islands. This Islands is also the first place in the country carry outing the program of "Say no to plastic bags", launching the program of "Say no to plastic straws" and aiming at “Say no to disposable plastic waste”.

Buffer zone - The Thu Bon river mouth comes from the sea to the mainland with area up to 20,350 hectares, the Thu Bon river mouth inherits a special ecosystem with a system of rivers, canals, beaches and mangrove swamps, here mainly Nipa palm. The Nipa palm forest in Cam Thanh commune, a one-time famous revolutionary base, has now become a place attracting a lot of tourists who want to experience the scenery of Southern Vietnam River home village right in the Central of Vietnam. It is also a breeding ground of many aquatic species and it plays a very important role in controlling water’s quality before going to the sea and the ecological links between the continents - the oceans.

As the remaining natural area, of which the highlight is the ancient town of Hoi An, it used to be a famous trading port in history, so far the remnants of a glorious time have created the ancient city. Hoi An attracts lots of tourists by mixing the beauty of traditional space and the breath of the new era. Hoi An is a "living heritage" in which the warm - hearted people of Quang land, the traditional villages connecting nature and people from many generations have made an identity with the city and its life by the Hoai River, characterized by the interaction between man and nature.

On May 26th, 2009, in Jeju island (Korea), Cham Islands - Hoi An was listed as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Every day except bad-weather days.

The package tour for one day: 650,000VND/person

The package tour for two days: 950,000VND/person

Speed boat: 150,000VND/person/one way

Wooden boat: 30,000VND/person/one way


Diving without breathing apparatus 40,000VND/person

Diving with breathing apparatus 60,000VND/person

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