Tra Que vegetable Village

This village is famous for many kinds of vegetables in a long time: salad, lettuce, flagrant knotweed, basil and coriander vegetables, etc. They are usually used in the Quang Nam special foods: Cao Lau, Quang noodle, the local ‘Tam huu' spring roll, dry pancake roll with pork, crispy fried pancake “banh xeo”, rare veal.

With the area approximately tens of hectares of cultivated land but vegetable planting had become the main occupation of native people from generation to generation. On the 7th day of the first lunar month every year, Cau Bong festival is held in honor of praying for abundant crops, happiness and prosperity.

Tra Que vegetable village with all nice herbs being cultivated with high technology makes the vegetable here nice and fresh. Tourists come here not only being guided to make soil, fertile, grow vegetable but also learn how to make the cuisine from vegetables in this place like the native people.

All day

Entrance ticket: 20,000VND /person

Under 4-year old kid: free

The Management Board of Tra Que Vegetable Village
Tel: +84.932524222 (Mr Tung)