Hoi An Impression Theme Park

200 Nguyễn Tri Phương - Cẩm Nam - Hội An Phường Cẩm Nam, TP Hoi An, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Hoi An Impressive Park is considered a miniature Hoi An with beautiful architecture, interesting folk games, famous Quang cuisine and extremely attractive mini shows.

Visitors will be able to fully watch the sunset on both banks of Hoai River from the bridge and the path to the park. Many tourists have had beautiful pictures with the sunset here. But that's just the beginning of the interesting things when you come to Impression Hoi An.

As soon as night falls, visitors will feel like they are lost in another shimmering, fanciful space, as if only in old stories. Visitors to the park always enjoy the theme of Vietnamese Village, where interesting folk games and famous Quang cuisine are held (extremely cheap but delicious).

Performing arts: The park also has many mini shows for visitors to understand more about Hoi An history and culture, but the story is rarely mentioned in regular tours.

Ba chua tang tang, Trai ho danh Ho, phong nguyet lau, Hich tuyen tương, Dam cuoi cong chua Ngoc Hoa ... ... are shows that are very popular with tourists. Besides, there are performances of singing huts, exciting activities.

101 + beautiful photography angles: For those who are passionate about photography, they are even more impressed with countless beautiful shooting angles, from the model of Japanese bridge, bridge of love, "forest of conifers", old town to other places. traditional craft….

Rich cuisine: If you want to enjoy Hoi An specialties, you can't miss Lang Viet restaurant, or enjoy new dishes from Japan and China in the Japanese-Chinese village food court. In the park, there is no shortage of street food in Hoi An ancient town!

Performances and entertainment programs are regularly renewed, meticulously invested in both quality and quantity, especially on holidays or events. Therefore, Hoi An Impression has made many visitors come back more than once

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