Green tourism development

 As a province rich in natural and cultural resources, Quang Nam identifies green tourism development as a provincial important strategy in the coming time.

Eco-tourism in Quang Nam

Expectations for Quang Nam tourism

Reportedly, in 2023, Quang Nam welcomed more than 7.5 million tourist arrivals - 1.6 times higher than the same period in the previous year.

Among them were nearly 3.9 million international ones - 5.6 higher than the same period in 2022.

Total revenue from tourists was estimated at 8,000 billion VND. Social income from tourism was 19,000 billion VND.

Visitors from South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, the U.K, Malaysia, the U.S, France, Germany, Thailand, and India, accounted for the largest group of international tourists in Quang Nam.

Quang Nam is expected to welcome 7.6 million tourist arrivals in 2024 with the total revenue from tourists of 8,500 billion VND and social income from tourism of 20,000 billion VND.

According to the planning of Quang Nam province for the period 2021 - 2023, with a vision to 2050, the province will exploit its natural and cultural space to become a world-class tourism center.

Quang Nam will focus on attracting tourists to the world cultural heritages of Hoi An ancient town, My Son Sanctuary, Cham Islands biosphere reserve, marine resources, islands, rivers, lakes, mountains and forests, historical and cultural relics, etc, via various types of tourism such as sightseeing, relaxation, entertainment, sports, events, conferences, health care, etc,.

Green tourism - a provincial important strategy

According to Vice Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Ho Quang Buu, in the coming time, Quang Nam will build tourism products suitable to the needs of tourists, improve service quality, and upgrade tourism and transport infrastructure.

Introducing tourism product of Quang Nam's ethnic group to foreign visitors

Besides, Quang Nam will also focus on promoting digital transformation in the tourism industry, developing smart tourism, building a tourism stimulus program in 2024, and improving human resources in tourism, etc.

In addition, Quang Nam has issued a plan for green tourism development until 2025, and decided to issue a set of green tourism criteria. It is also an important foundation for Quang Nam to develop green tourism products.

Until now, different green tourism products have been put into and well received by tourists.