Taking a leisurely walk around Hoi An

Visitors still flock to Hoi An ancient town after the Tet holidays (Lunar New Year Festival).

A large number of visitors to Hoi An during the Tet holidays

Hoi An ancient town is always attractive to visitors. In the beginning days of the lunar new year, the main streets in Hoi An are still very crowded after the Tet holidays.

A street to Hoi An market

A lot of travellers and tourists come from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city with the goals of sightseeing and praying for good health and luck in the new year.

The ancient quarter sparkles after every sunset, becoming an ideal check-in place.

International tourists in Hoi An ancient quarter

A lot of young people choose Hoi An for their spring travels. Besides visiting beautiful landscapes, they enjoy delicious foods and drinks. One more thing that makes visitors attracted is the friendliness and warm-heartedness of Hoi An residents.

An ancient house on Tran Phu street (Hoi An city)

According to statistics, the number of travellers and tourists to Quang Nam reached 305 thousand during the Tet holidays, up 35% compared to the same period in 2023. Among them are 60 thousand international visitors.

Cyclos are still popular with visitors to Hoi An.

Narrow alleys are favourite check-in place for visitors to Hoi An.

Hoi An ancient quarter is always the best choice for sightseeing.

Walking around the Hoi An ancient quarter

Sightseeing in the Hoi An ancient quarter

A menu is put in front of a restaurant so that it is easy for visitors to choose their favourite foods and drinks.

Fine-art works from bamboo roots.