Tam Ky Padauk Blossom Festival 2023 to take place in April


The Padauk Blossom Festival 2023 is planned to be held in Huong Tra ecotourism village (Hoa Huong ward, Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province).

Padauk flower season in 2022

Accordingly, the Tam Ky Padauk Blossom Festival 2023 is taking place during 3 weeks of April.

On this occasion, there will be a lot of unique and attractive activities, such as painting in oils about padauk flowers and selling them at auction, calligraphy, fine art displays and contests, start-up product exhibition and culinary festival, mass wedding, and street music.

Besides, visitors to the Tam Ky Padauk Blossom Festival 2023 may have a chance to know more about the ecotourism village of Huong Tra through traditional local cultural and sports activities, including traditional craft performances, chess competitions, Ao Dai festival, Olympic running, boat racing, and Bai Choi performances.