Ta Lang village community tourism village

Bha Lê Xã Bha Lê, Huyện Tây Giang, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Ta Lang belongs to Bha Lee commune, Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province. Located on the legendary Ho Chi Minh road, it is one of the typical cultural villages of the Co Tu people in Tay Giang. This place is a beautiful valley with a fresh climate, while at the same time, it also preserves many unique Co Tu ethnic-cultural imprints, typical of the craft of making and performing unique musical instruments such as the 3-hole flute. , storks, 2-stringed lutes, knitting, brocade weaving... festivals, dishes imbued with the identity of the Co Tu people.

Visitors to Ta Lang community tourism village can experience going into the forest to pick vegetables, break bamboo shoots, go down to the stream to catch fish, or prepare the traditional dishes of the Co Tu people under the Gol roof. For those who love to explore, they can go down the Ch'lang river by bamboo raft, admire the white R' Cung waterfall, or visit the Axoo tunnels and experience the Truong Son road by cycling. This is the highlight that makes the experience in Ta Lang both familiar and unique to tourists.


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