Dai Binh Fruit Village

Làng trái cây Đại Bình Xã Quế Trung, Huyện Nông Sơn, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Dai Binh village on the Thu river with its back leaning against the mountain, 3 sides bordering the river, so it is very valuable in terms of feng shui; People's lives are safe and children are successful. Due to the abundance of alluvium from the Thu Bon River, it is very suitable for growing fruit trees. Due to being completely isolated, less affected by the war, the village still retains its traditional values. After more than 300 years of development, Dai Binh has become a famous place in the region with the title of "the garden of the South" in the heart of the Central region, but this place is also honored as "the village of great longevity", "the village of core"…
Dai Binh is about 50km from Da Nang and Hoi An, 16km from My Son. By road: via National Highway 14H, DT611, East Truong Son route and waterway along Thu Bon river.
People here live in harmony with nature; Most houses are garden houses, wherever they go, there are fruit trees. Fruit trees in Dai Binh are more and more abundant, indigenous trees such as Tru hair, persimmon, mandarin, and Dai Binh durian have many typical values. Dai Binh feather pillar is a tree of high economic value because of its characteristic taste and appearance. Lotus vegetables have a very specific value because besides their high nutritional value, they are also very easy to combine with other foods to make delicious dishes.

Intangible values: The village has traditional occupations such as planting fruit trees, raising silkworms to incubate silk, growing sugarcane manually, making bean sprouts on riverbanks. Recently, there has been a new profession of making incense and incense. Typical folk religious activities are the worship of Ngu Nuong, the belief in worshiping the banana hole god, strict regulations on forbidden forests; Legend of the Fairy Well in Ao Ao stream at the end of the village... Typical cuisine is dishes made from ingredients of the village such as: lotus vegetables, bamboo shoots, silkworms, seafood, garden chicken, making shield cakes... According to village rules, from 2019 there is a Culture - Tourism festival in the middle of August every year to welcome visitors to visit and explore.
The tangible values: Mean valley is the common place of worship of the village, where there is an ancient blind tree over 300 years old; The forbidden forest with an area of ​​​​about 8 hectares still retains its primeval nature with endemic trees such as jackfruit, trumpeter, hydrangea, lim, christmas incense, etc. At the end of the village, there is also the cannon of the Tan Tinh - Trung Loc insurgent army in the past. …. The villagers kept many old tools and equipment for material and spiritual production, and on the occasion of the festival, they displayed it as a village museum with the name "Dai Binh Memories".

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