Co Lam Pagoda

Thôn Hà Nha, xã Đại Đồng, huyện Đại Lộc, tỉnh Quảng Nam, Việt Nam Xã Đại Đồng, Huyện Đại Lộc, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Co Lam Temple is one of the ancient temple in Quang Nam, is located on the hill Am Update, located in the village of Ha Nha Dai Dong.Temple about 3 hectares wide, by Thich Minh Hai - Dharma built in 1687, belonging to the tribe of Zen Meditation Happy St. Rinzai.

Temple built in the triangle-shaped, with the architectural style of a traditional aggregate China and Vietnam with many big tu¬ong, carvings picky. In the Buddhist shrine Tam, Maitreya, 18 Arhat, tr¬uoc field t¬uong Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. West side of the temple there are many stupas of the Organization s¬u abbot. Temple has been rebuilt many times times, most recently in 2015.

Co Lam Pagoda area formerly located rugged mountainous terrain is complicated, very difficult to go back. Temple honored to be associated with partial operational life of 30 years for national salvation Tran Cao Van-even a mirror Mid paralysis, lifelong dedication for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland.

Stories that winter of At Dau 1885 on the way to big careers learn and perform the obligations of the boys before the destiny of the country is in danger, Tran Cao Van's first stop in Co Lam Pagoda. He was welcomed measures abbot and monks prepared for the role of the temple. Thus, ancient temples quiet capital would become crowded pilgrims. They came not only because young monks watching the procession hexagram but also the teacher for aiming, see the help establish inheritance.

At that time in the village of Dai Giang Trung General specific family a powerful family in the region of 9 communes The river at that time, the family also has a son in related careers of national salvation Tran Cao Van, that is Vo Thach (Thua Su). He and Tran Cao Van has understanding for each other and have each other so intimately associate since you learned in school Workshops. So, work farewell in flavor, Tran Cao Van tool has abacus before with him and he sustained enthusiasm.

Social movements after Nghia Quang Nam Nguyen Duy Hieu leader (1885-1887) failed, organizations openly or secretly, directly or indirectly with the Can Vuong movement almost been discovered. The monk in Co Lam Pagoda also lackeys Government Protection eyeing. To avoid the wanted man, is also because of the urging of family exchange, scientific Rat (1888) Tran Cao Van goodbye Co Lam out of the contest. Science does not pass the exam, but most school matriculation particular, the second but to the third, specific articles of the text to the dynamic error.

Down implementation, particularly on the Co Lam Pagoda. During this time, an instrument made famous poem handed people life: Chi decided tan croquet four winds, / Husband is spent to visit royal beard. / Three enemy decided to pay reward key, / A mad desire to remove hour run. / Debt have attempted fulfill obligations, / The home had hung that from wages. / Male model voluntarily repaid before debt / bond to bring the realms House of Trade.

These days living in Co Lam himself, instruments Chen also studied the I Ching and then later promoted to Translate "The Natural", ie bringing Translation "Primordial" of Fuxi together with Translation "Hau Thien" of Van Vuong .

July 1891, Lam was no enemy to issue search warrants. The monks at the temple purged. Tran Cao Van Vo Thach family was transferred to Dai Giang village, set up a school. Autumn of 1892, Tran Cao Van, his wife and a close disciple believers Nguyen Nhuan, hostels Write up the road in Binh Dinh selected geographical areas established bases, hoarding food workshops, building forces, proposed platform, unite peoples, intrigues uprising for independence and freedom for the people, for the country.

Co Lam Temple is now located in the tourist area of ​​Suoi Mo (Datong, Dai Loc). Ai Nghia town from the administrative center of the district back to the west about 15 km, guests will be present in this area of ​​ecotourism. Then, after hours to enjoy the scenery and romantic nature, but mighty, can do pilgrimage with the Lord ever made - an historic association with activities at the country's press Tran Cao Van. / .

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