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Thôn R'cung, Xã Bha Lê, Huyện Tây Giang, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


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Wedding photography


The interesting destinations of the great land of Tay Giang must be mentioned such as Dhrong village, A Nong tunnel cluster, Ra Me waterfall, beautiful R' Cung waterfall. Especially, Raai waterfall is upright, the waterfall flows down from the top of A Rung mountain (bordering Laos) and flows throughout, releasing white foam. Or admire the beauty of Chuor terraced fields located in a valley consisting of 3 villages: Arang 1, Arang 2 and Arang 3 (Axan commune). These fields combine to form huge pictures with soft curving lines along the mountain slopes, an interesting check-in point of poetic and wild beauty…

Among them is R'Cung Waterfall. R'cung Waterfall in Bhalée Commune, located on the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road, 3km from the center of Azut, 17km from the district administrative center to the west, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bhalee Commune, Tay Giang District. Visitors coming here will admire the mysterious beauty of the mountains and forests, being immersed in the white, cool and fresh waterfall. This is really an interesting tourist destination for those who are passionate and want to conquer the challenge to find the majestic mountain space.

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