Axòo tunnel

A Xan Xã A Xan, Huyện Tây Giang, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Pomu eco-tourism village is located in the territory of two communes Tr'hy and Axan, Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province, 32 km from the administrative center of Tay Giang district. Pomu population was discovered in 2001 on a large plain with more than 2001 trees, densely distributed on the top of Zilieng mountain with an altitude of 1,500 above sea level. After two rounds of surveying, measuring and making documents for recognition of heritage trees, Tay Giang Pomu Forest Complex was honored by the Vietnam Association for Nature and Environment Protection to recognize 1,146 Pomu trees with the age of 200 years or more. is a Vietnamese Heritage tree. The largest tree is 3.5 meters in diameter. The oldest tree is 1,838 years old. Many Pomu mu trees with beautiful shapes such as Elephants, Dragons, Tigers, Bridge Pagoda, Octopus, Lovers,...

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