Lam Yen traditional drum village

Ấp Nam Xã Đại Minh, Huyện Đại Lộc, Tỉnh Quảng Nam
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Lam Yen drums belong to Dai Loc district, this is a famous traditional craft village with the phrase "first Lam Yen drum - second Phuoc Kieu gong". All kinds of small drums such as command drums, adoration drums or even large drums that many people often call thunder drums, Lam Yen villagers can do.

"First drum in Lam Yen, second gong Phuoc Kieu" - this folk song must have partly said the value of a famous traditional craft village of Dai Loc district in particular, and Quang Nam province in general. It is Lam Yen drum village in Ap Nam village, Dai Minh commune.

No one remembers exactly when Lam Yen drum village existed. According to legends handed down from generation to generation, Lam Yen drum village was born about 200 years ago. The ancestor of this profession is Phan Cong Thien, originally from Hai Duong, on the way to the South, he stopped at Ap Nam village, Dai Minh commune. After 7 generations, generations of descendants of the Phan clan continued to keep the job of making drums.

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