Zara Weaving Village

Làng Zara, Xã Tà Bhinh, Huyện Nam Giang, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Zara hamlet (also known as Zora), Ta Bhing commune is also the place with the largest concentration of brocade weavers. Coming to Zara, it was not the scene where each house had a loom, the shuttles rattled loudly from the street into the village, but all the weavers in the village gathered in one house, weaving together and making beads. Woven brocade fabric is put into a centralized sewing workshop, each person has a stage, sewing wrap dresses, loincloths, covers, bags... and many other items.

Brocade of the Co Tu Zara people is completely handmade and self-contained, from planting materials such as cotton, hemp, jute, spinning, dyeing, weaving, creating patterns, beading, embroidering... to sewing. into product. The looms here are also made very rudimentary, only from bamboo slats…

The Co Tu people in Zara do not make a living by weaving brocade, but by farming. On weekdays, most men and women go to the fields to work, only on weekends or when the fields are not busy, do people sit on the loom. Only people in sewing cooperatives gather in a house on stilts to sew and embroider products...

In addition to introducing visitors to each stage of weaving at the communal house and showing products, we offer visitors to sit on the loom, hand shuttle the shuttle under the guidance of the women in the village. Brand new Co Tu costumes with the scent of cotton are also prepared for tourists who like to take pictures.

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