Nuoc nong Tay Vien

Thôn Tây Viên, Sơn Viên, Nông Sơn, Quảng Nam Xã Sơn Viên, Huyện Nông Sơn, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Following the route DT 611, passing the Le pass about 5km, we will encounter Tay Vien hot water in a small field north of DT 611 road in Phuoc Binh village, Son Vien commune.

Tay Vien mineral water source originates from Hon Tau mountain range and has a stable reserve and temperature of about 85oC. Residents in the area call these two wells Vung Ong and Vung Ba. Two large wells boiling water, smoky smoke, the bottom of the well is covered with silvery-white with countless small bubbles.

With ideal mineral content and charming natural landscape, in the future, Tay Vien will become an interesting tourist destination of the western sub-region of Quang Nam province.

Going north, we will come to Phuoc Binh Lake and Chua Mountain: Phuoc Binh Lake is an irrigation lake with a large water surface area and charming nature, making anyone who has come here remember it forever. Along Phuoc, Binh lake is Chua Mountain with many mysterious historical stories about this mountain. Due to its height and independent stance, Nui Chua can be recognized from Dien Ban, Hoi An due to its towering posture in a corner of the sky. With such altitude and topography, together with Hon Kem, Hon Than and Nui Chua, Nui Chua has dominated and directly influenced to create the typical climate sub-region of Trung Loc valley.
From Tay Vien, visitors can walk or use mountain bikes along the trails, through the mountains to visit My Son Sanctuary - World Cultural Heritage in about three hours.
Tay Vien hot water, Phuoc Binh lake, Vung island, Chua mountain, Da Ba hole... are a collection of valuable points in terms of landscape, culture and history. In order to promote the value of this potential complex, the locality will organize them into a tourist complex consisting of many functional subdivisions and call on businesses to invest in construction to promote tourism activities.

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