Lake Khe Tan

Đại Chánh, Đại Lộc, Quảng Nam Xã Đại Chánh, Huyện Đại Lộc, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Located on the north bank of Thu Bon River, about 10 km northwest of My Son, Khe Tan Reservoir is a key point on the tourist route of Quang Nam province: Hoi An - My Son - Hon Kem Da Dung.

Khe Tan is a fairly large lake located right on top of Dai Thanh and Dai Chanh communes. The landscape of mountains, forests and streams of Khe Tan lake is mostly located to the west and south of the lake. To enjoy the beauty of the mountains and streams, and to discover the hidden beauty, you should follow the road towards Dai Thanh to enter the south of the lake. From there, visitors will be satisfied with the many scenes of the mountains and forests of Truong Son.

An Bang forest in the south looks like a hand extending its fingers towards the lake, each finger is a low mountain range, each finger is a beautiful stream. Mai stream, Dai stream, Coi stream, Khe stream, etc. Every stream has stones, especially high-quality grinding stone, suitable for sharpening knives. Every stream has a deep and wide hole to soak in. Every stream is from the high mountains, carries the coolness of the clouds, and climbs over the large rocks in the middle of the stream. This creates a romantic waterfall and passionate murmuring music. 

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