Bang Am Peak (Am Thong)

Đại Hồng Xã Đại Hồng, Huyện Đại Lộc, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Located on the top of the mountain range Located on the top of the Bang Am - Ban Co mountain range, at an altitude of 700-800m above sea level, Bang Am has an area of ​​over 380 hectares, belonging to Phuoc Lam and Hoa hamlets. Huu, Dai Hong commune. At the foot of Bang Am mountain, there is National Highway 14B passing through Khe Lim tourist area, 23km from the district center, 45km from Da Nang city to the southwest, 46km from Hoi An to the west.
The reason for the name Bang Am is because here more than a hundred years ago was the retreat of a patriotic scholar of the Can Vuong period, and the folk anecdotes told about him are a long and thrilling story…
His real name is Bui Ngoc Chau, practicing Zen Dinh, born in the year of the Rabbit of Gia Long Dynasty; Bat Vong village, Thua Thien government. Worked as an official at the Interior Palace under the Ministry of Public Affairs, during the reign of King Tu Duc. Was sent by the king to follow the mission of Nguyen Thanh Y to France to study the technology of Western machinery in order to return home to take care of the renovation and expansion of the country's technology.
Bang Am has a very ideal climate. During the day, the weather is cool, the night is chilly, the average temperature is usually 8-10ºC lower than the delta area or Da Nang city, suitable for everyone who needs rest and relaxation. In the morning, in the afternoon, thin clouds drift past the top, visitors can reach out to catch and play. A suggestive, evocative scene for those with a poetic soul

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