Lo Thung rock, Giang river

Xã Tiên Cảnh, Huyện Tiên Phước, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Lo Thung rock beach is located on the stone river John, bordering the ancient village of Loc Yen. Lo Thung is likened to a mysterious stone "kingdom" with hundreds of strangely shaped caves stretching nearly 1km, a pristine, peaceful, fresh ecological space, enjoyable for those who want to experience the river. country. Lo Thung rock beach is also associated with the legend of the giant that once lived through the traces still carved on the rock.

Along the two sides of the road, you will feel the fresh and airy air with majestic mountains and forests, stretching to the rocky beach. With hundreds of caves with unique and different shapes, just standing from afar, visitors can recognize this vast "stone kingdom".

Stretching for more than 1km along the river, the funny and endless rocky beaches between the two rivers Lo Thung and Da Giang always give visitors one surprise after another when they come here for the first time.

Such strangely shaped rocks are created by the large flow of water over a long period of time. In the middle of a large space, listening to the sound of water murmuring softly through each rock crevice makes this place more attractive than ever.

This is considered the ideal scene by the jade green color of the water, the unique rock formations appearing among the magnificent forests, and the fresh climate. Make people feel like they can slow down, ignore the hustle and bustle of life.

Over the years, the local people here have named the stones according to their shape  such as: "heavenly mortar", "giant foot", "heaven well",... each name carries different meanings. The meaning shows the unique beauty of this place.

When coming here, visitors are fascinated by the round stone mortars with a diameter of about 20cm that are both new and natural. As one of the potential eco-tourism areas, the rock beach  Lo Thung Quang Nam  always creates a surprise for visitors every time they come here.

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