Truong Son Street - Ho Chi Minh Street

Thị trấn Thạnh Mỹ, Huyện Nam Giang, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


During the resistance war against the US for national salvation, the Ho Chi Minh trail (also known as the Truong Son Road) was the most important route of transporting weapons, goods, food, and supplies... to the North's rear aiding the southern battlefield. In particular, the section of Truong Son road passing through Quang Nam territory with a length of nearly 200 km is one of the most dangerous and difficult sections with many fierce battles. Spots like Prao, Ben Giang, Ro Lang, Kham Duc, Ngok - Ta - Vak, Doi E ... in this corridor, these route has gone into the history and memory of every Quang people.

In 16 years, the logistics system on Truong Son road has transported more than one million tons of goods and weapons to the battlefields, ensuring the command of operations for more than two million people entering the battlefield or from the battlefield to the North; mobile transport 10 divisions, 3 corps, escort 90 technical units into the battlefield

Along with the upward transformation of the country, this Ho Chi Minh Trail has now been invested and built to become a lifeline of traffic serving the process of socio-economic development, national security, and tourism. calendar. Joining the tour "discovering the legendary Truong Son road" in Quang Nam, visitors will come to familiar historical landmarks, and ethnic minority villages still preserving unique cultural features. , primeval forests, charming landscapes such as To Mai waterfall, Gran waterfall, Thac Nuoc bridge, Dong Ram cave, Song Thanh nature reserve.

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